The Decay Of Morals In This Country

It saddens me to see decency and respect becoming a thing of the past. Everything from fashion (if that is what it’s called) to our vocabulary have taken a dive south. We used to care about morals and manners in this country, but not so much any more.

There was a time when saying “God” on TV was not allowed by the FCC. Now, we can hear people using God’s name in vain every single day on TV and in movies. Christianity is being insulted and assaulted more and more every year. The documentaries and TV shows, movies as well, show Christians as morons, zealots, uneducated and insane. I hear children as young as 5 years old using God’s name in vane on TV. As far as what words are allowed on TV and what are not, pretty much anything goes. Vulgarities are common even on so-called “family shows.”

The “F” bomb has become acceptable to the point that even small children have adopted it as their choice of expression as well. Not that long ago we would have gotten a bar of soap in our mouth or a good spanking for saying such things. Not now days. Now, it is as common as saying the word “it”. Disgusting. People who use vulgarities come across as uneducated…rightfully so. They give the impression of having a very limited vocabulary.

Look at all the things that are now acceptable that were not a few years ago. Here is a short list:
Abortion, legalization of Pot, same sex marriage, filthy and disrespectful lyrics in music, and the list goes on. And the Left is whining about guns? How many of them who are complaining about guns and violence own guns themselves? I would say probably most of them. There are those who claim to want a ban on guns who have body guards who carry guns. Hypocrites?

Teenage girls wear cloths that make them look like street walkers, make-up that is totally overdone, and are sexually active at a young age and all of those things are now acceptable. No wonder teens practice such things when they see all of it everywhere, everyday. Sex, sex, sex. Movies and TV movies show teen sex and sexual behavior all the time. I’m pretty sure there has been an increase in older men seeing young teen girls in a sexual way.

Nothing is sacred any more. Pregnancy, marriage, sex, privacy, breast feeding and our bodies are no longer viewed as sacred. Everything is just thrown out there for all to see and hear. The mother’s womb used to be a safe and sacred place for an unborn baby. Not so any more. Now a baby can be ripped out of the womb or burned to death by saline solution for no other reason than the baby is an inconvenience. Murder on demand. And it is murder no matter how they try to divorce themselves from that truth. They can put perfume on a pig, but it’s still a pig and it still stinks.

Hollywood has glamorized and romanticized prostitution and strippers. Pretty Woman started that mindset. By the way, Pretty Woman is a Disney film. Nice, huh? Now, women actually take pole dancing lessons and homes have stripper poles. There are actually very young girls who want to grow-up and be a stripper or prostitute. What happened to us? Why do women still reduce themselves to such a level simply to satisfy some sick and twisted male sexual fantasy? More and more women are getting “boob jobs” because our culture has made them think that unless you have huge breasts you are not a woman and not acceptable by their standards. I’ve never been so sick of seeing cleavage. Even the news anchors on TV have cleavage.

I could go on and on giving examples of lack of morals in this country. I’m embarrassed by how so many Americans conduct themselves and by what they promote and practice. I’m not sure we can ever un-ring that bell but I am in hopes that we can start going back to where we respected ourselves and others. A time when manners were common and even expected and a time when having a good reputation and character meant something special. That would be wonderfully refreshing. Look down your noses at Conservatives, but at least we do have morals…and are proud of it!! And I think that is pretty awesome.


My Perfect Right

For far too long Christians and others have had to fight over their right to disagree on politically correct issues. Moral rights being one of those big issues. Those on the liberal/progressive side have bullied us for far too long. We, as Christians, and those who agree with us, have had enough! We have been made to feel as though we have to bow down to those whom we disagree. We bow down to only One and that is God. What makes us wrong because we disagree with them? What makes them so right on issues that we disagree with?

Let me say this loud and clear, YET AGAIN, that on the issues of homosexuality, same sex marriage, abortion, sexual perversions (and we all know what they are) and other moral issues, it’s God’s word that tells all of us that those things are wrong and are sinful. God’s not a liar. His word never changes…we do. His word is the same back then, now and always. He never said that those things were sinful until the 20th century or until groups of people said that it was fine and just another lifestyle. Don’t kill the messenger. Take it up with God.

It really upsets me to see so many homosexuals who profess to be Christian scream about homosexual rights and how those who disagree with their point of view are homophobic. Let’s straighten that one out, now. A phobia is an extreme and irrational fear of something. Those who are trying to live by God’s word are constantly bashed for trying to obey God’s word. We do not have a phobia about becoming a homosexual or of homosexuals. Stop using a term that makes no sense just to justify your agenda and lifestyle. You hate those who call you names, but yet you can call those of us who go by God’s word nasty names or brand us with illogical and nonsensical names. Are gays “heterophobic”? Go to God about it and leave us who follow Him alone. Like so many they can dish it out but cannot take it. We are not the bad guys.

Those who fight for and who’s lifestyle is that of sin, according to scripture, want us to stop following God and obeying His word and start saying that what they believe in is the right way of thinking and that God is wrong. They would like us to put down our bibles and pick-up demonstration signs promoting their lifestyle. Why would we do that? Would you put down your demonstration signs and pick up your bible? They think that if we disagree we are the bad guys. And, of course, the media backs them up. I value the opinions of those who disagree even though they bully and persecute those of us who disagree with them. I have a perfect right to express my opinions and I refuse to apologize for them. I’m not ashamed of who I am, what I believe or for being a Christian. That is as much my right as it is yours. I have as much right to my religion, my thoughts, my opinions and my beliefs as you do yours. I also have the right to disagree with you as you do with me and I will fight for your right to express them. It’s a shame you don’t feel that we have the same rights simply because of our differences of opinions.

As Christians or others who disagree with you and want to express ourselves we are shouted down, shamed, called ridiculous names, and ridiculed. Some are even having things thrown at them. You proclaim to be tolerant of those of differing opinions and yet you are not. What you say is not how you really feel. We’re not going away nor are you so why not be civil and tolerant of those who do not believe in the same things? What are you so afraid of? Why are you so intimidated by us? If we are so insignificant to you then why do you worry so much about what we have to say and in what venue we express ourselves? Is it because if you were to actually live by the Word of God or believed in His word that you would have to change your lifestyle or change your beliefs and opinions on other issues, like abortion?

It is our perfect right to follow God and follow the scriptures. It is your perfect right to go against God’s word and not follow scripture. Stop trying to steal that right from us. You have no right to do that and it’s not your place. Your beliefs are no more valuable than ours.

As Christians we have to stand behind our shields of faith everyday and have the courage to fight against those who try to attack us. Satan will not be content until he can keep us quiet and force us into submission. Now days there are plenty of people doing his bidding and who are distancing themselves from God. They haven’t realized God’s powers or how one day they will cry out His name to save them. I hope they will get to know God soon because if they wait to long one day they will be in front of Him and He will say “Depart from Me, I do not know you.” And that would be truly sad. We were never promised one hour from now much less one more day. If we are wrong we are out nothing when we are gone, but if you are wrong and we are right…you lose for eternity and beyond.

We, as Christians, will never give up our perfect right.



Keep Fighting The Fight For Christianity!

As Christians we all know that there is an assault on Christianity like we’ve never seen in this country before. Between a handful of atheists and Liberal Democrats, we as Christians are having to defend our freedom of religion on a constant basis. Muslims seem to pretty much have free reign. They are forcing their religion on this country.

Muslims are allowed to wear a burqa in public, place prayer rugs in public so they can say their prayers many times a day, carry a Quran in public and even have a foot bath at the Kansas City International  Airport in KC, MO. They’re allowed to wear the scarves on their head and some have even committed “honor killings” in this country.  Just look at Dearborn, Michigan. It has the largest number of Muslims in one area than any other State in this country. The streets are filled with Muslim women wearing their burqas. They have all but taken over Dearborn. I have to wonder why so many Muslims chose Dearborn, MI to live. Dearborn is right outside of Detroit. I wonder what’s up with that.

Christians cannot display any religious symbols in public and are discouraged from saying “Merry Christmas” to customers, on TV, or to co-workers. Teachers cannot, in most schools, wear a cross necklace. It’s ok to wear a Che Guevara T-shirt, but you better never wear one with a picture of Jesus or a cross.  Other places of employment have the same types of regulation regarding wearing or displaying any Christian symbols. No school prayer, no pledge of allegiance either. We are pretty much not allowed to mention God or Christ. Christmas carols in school and in public are forbidden. Schools no longer have Christmas pageants. They can sing secular songs like “Rudolph” of “Frosty the Snowman”, but never “Silent Night’ or “Little Drummer Boy.” Christmas trees are not being displayed in many schools or in public. Ramadan can be celebrated though. After all it’s a Muslim holiday. How twisted is that?

Reading the bible or having bible study groups on campuses or in the work place are forbidden yet they can have Muslim and Islamic study. They can all kinds of sexual study groups.  There are actually public schools that are forcing our children to read the Quran. They do it under the guise of teaching religious tolerance or teaching the children different religions. That’s a pretty weak argument. We know why it’s happening. The Liberals want Christianity gone. Why? Because most Christians are conservative and want their children taught conservative values. This country was founded on Judaic and Christian principles and NOT Islam. They don’t want to follow the bible and the teachings of Christ because that would mean they would have to change their lifestyles and secular beliefs. Would that be so bad? There is an American Indian saying that says: “What we don’t understand we fear. What we fear we try to destroy.” That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

Have you ever read any of the Quran? As much as the Muslims and liberals and liberal democrats want us to believe that it is filled with kindness and tolerance they lie!! It is instead filled with hatred and violence. They want to cut our heads off and then kill our children. If you are not a Muslim you will be murdered. There really isn’t such a thing as a “moderate” Muslim. They all read the same Quran and they all practice what it preaches. That’s why you don’t see them standing up for the kidnapped girls in Africa or “honor killings” etc. Have you ever seen a group of so-called moderate Muslims speak out against atrocities perpetrated by Muslim terrorists or other Muslims who are not terrorists? NO! They all remain silent and I don’t believe for a moment that it’s because they fear what will happen to them if they speak out. That’s ridiculous.

President Obama says nothing about the violence and murders that the Muslims have committed against Americans and this country. He remains silent. Maybe if he is pressured enough he will, one day. Yet he and Michelle fought over having to have a Christmas tree in the White House during his first term in office. Why would a Christian do that? There was a photo taken of the tree after it was set-up and decorated. There was, near the back of the tree (of course), a huge round ornament with a photo of Mau Tse Tung. I was floored!! What a huge slap in the face to not just Christians, but to all Americans. How arrogant and disrespectful. The photo is out there if you want to see it. He seldom participates in anything that is for Christians. He seems to have a real distain for Christians and Jews. The disrespect and arrogance he has shown towards Israel is not only embarrassing but rude and very transparent. He has a soft spot for Muslims and has a real intolerance of Christians and Jews….any religion other than Islam. He has given millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorist group and who encourages and fights for Sharia Law all over the world), has them at the White House more than once (pretty scary), gives money to other Muslim countries who help train terrorists. But, he doesn’t share the same amenities to Christians or Jews. He grew-up practicing and studying Islam while he was young. His mother and his father and step-father were atheists. His father and step-father were Muslim and only became atheists after they married his mother who was an admitted atheist. Reverend Wright was a Muslim before preaching in Chicago. He is another blog entry all together.

The atheists and the liberals/progressives are fighting to have any kind of Christian prayer or anything pertaining to God and Christians removed from being said within the military as well. Who do they think they are? They want  the Ten Commandments removed from public view and yet the Muslims can lay their prayer rugs down in the middle of town and no one says a word. Hmmmm. They hate the Tea Party, Conservatives/Republicans because they are majority Christian, God loving people who want the best for this country and our families. Shame on us! But it’s fine to cut the heads off of those who are not practicing Islam or stone their women to death because the “think” she is cheating. Or beat a woman to death because she was raped and did not have four male witnesses to the act itself. That’s a tolerant and kind religion? Mercy killings are done frequently in the Muslim community and still people remain silent. By being silent we just give them permission to continue doing such horrible things. We should look the other way or be understanding of their religion…right? Women are treated like chattel and have no rights. Muslim men are cowards and misogynists. Women are nothing. There is no war on women in this country. If you want to fight a war on women go to the Muslim countries and fight the war there. Pick your battles.

Keep fighting for our religious freedoms, brothers and sisters in Christ. The fight isn’t over yet. Fight those schools who are forcing our children to read the Quran and participate in Muslim holidays or traditions. If we don’t the Muslims will take over here as they are doing in Europe. Just look at Great Britain and France. Is that what we really want?

God bless and keep your eyes on Him.

Hip Hop and Other Reality Shows

You can’t turn on your TV without seeing more and more reality shows on your TV guide. It seems as though just about anyone can have a reality show. It’s gotten pretty crazy. What I’m blogging about today is about the women in some of those reality shows. The women in music videos are really vulgar as well, but I will focus on the women in reality shows. What are those women teaching our sons and daughters? The men are not examples of what is good either, but that is for another post.

Reality shows like the “Housewives of Beverly Hills”, “Housewives of Atlanta” and so on, have no value that I can see. I realize that the shows are for entertainment purposes, but a lot of young people are watching those shows as well. Then, there are other reality shows like “Love and Hip Hop” and others that are aimed at young people. There are no redeeming qualities or decency in any of those shows.

Almost every show that I mentioned, and more, have a cast of women who are complaining about their significant other. “They’re cheating”, or have cheated,”They don’t respect me,” “They never listen to me.”  “He doesn’t even notice me. I’d love to be with him.” They go on and on about how unhappy they are with the man they are with. I’ve noticed a common thread running through all of them. It’s a lack of respect for self and others. The filthy language on these shows is a constant.

You must earn respect. Like trust, respect is earned. These women come across as very insecure and extremely needy. They appear to have a very low self-esteem. You can tell a lot by how a person dresses, speaks and carries themselves. Men, real men, want to be with, and one day marry, a woman they can be proud of. A woman they would be proud to introduce to his mother and family. Someone they know their mother would approve of. As old fashioned as that may sound it is still true today. They want a woman who has self-respect and who has a kind heart and is not selfish….confident and secure. Someone who can make it on her own.

It was necessary for me to watch these shows in order to write about them. Let me just say that it was painful. My heart went out to those women. The worst of the reality shows was “Love and Hip Hop”, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, “Basketball Wives”, and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” I’ve never seen so many women who were so lacking in respect for everyone, including themselves. Grown women who were acting and talking like teenagers. No class and no character.

Those women had zero social skills. They didn’t care if they were in public or not when they would fight (sometimes physically), scream, and shout vulgarities. They conducted themselves as low class, uneducated women who were desperate for a man, to keep a man, or were in need of attention. It was truly pathetic.

I cannot believe those women couldn’t come to the reality that the way they dressed, spoke (yelled) and conducted themselves was the reason for most of her problems with the men in their lives. They think that the way to get a man and keep him is to have their breasts popping out of their dresses, wear short dresses or wear clothes so tight you can almost see the pores in their skin!! They obviously do not respect themselves and that’s why the men don’t respect them.

I’m speaking to those women now. Do you really think that a man respects you for dressing in such a way? Do you really? Do you really think he respects you when you talk like you’re some low class nasty broad on a street corner somewhere? Do you think he likes that you run around town looking like a street walker? The answer to all of those question is a big fat NO.

Oh, sure you can get a man while looking and acting like you do, but he won’t stick around or be faithful to you. You may turn him on, but lust is not love. Lust is temporary. Turning a man on is pretty easy, we all know that. But, keeping him is another. If men were honest they would tell you they want a woman they can respect. A woman who doesn’t flaunt what she has under her clothes for the entire world to see. She could hold on a conversation without using the  “F bomb” every other word. In short, they want a woman they can be proud of. Showing your body will only work for the short term. They want a woman who is confident and has self-respect. Someone who also respects others. They don’t want a woman who will take off her shoes and throw them at someone or have a physical fight with another woman. Someone who can get her point across while angry and never say one vulgar word through it all. They want someone who can carry herself well and with class. They want her to appear and speak as though she were educated. Proper English is important if you want to be taken seriously. That goes for men as well.

Once these women realize that wearing skin tight clothes and showing way too much cleavage is not going to keep a man she will start respecting herself more. Why would you always want to dress like a slut if you know he will treat you like one? None of those relationships on those shows are working because of a lack of respect and selfishness. It’s all about self-gratification for the men and getting what you want for the women. Me, me, me. Relationships such as those are short lived and pretty empty and unfulfilling.

It’s sad that these women don’t yet realize that their man wants to see what’s underneath the bulging cleavage and tight clothes. They want to see their heart and soul. They want to see a woman who can bring to them a softness and sensitivity. They want those attributes to replace the hard, vulgar, petty, whining, complaining, screaming, accusing and needy person they are today. Always trying to be tough and coming across as always right is getting you nowhere. How’s all of those things working for you? They’re not.

I would never allow my children to watch such TV shows. There are no role models, believe me. They are rude and obnoxious. I have no clue as to why anyone would put them shows on air much less find it entertaining. What ever happened to femininity? It’s gone. Women are acting and talking like low class men with no self-respect.

Maybe one day those women will come to realize that presenting themselves as they do will get them nowhere. They will just continue to be disrespected, disappointed  and unhappy. They’ll be wondering why they can’t keep a man. You will be treated with respect when you have earned the respect. Pump your brakes, ladies. Try dressing, acting and speaking with some class and intelligence and you will be treated with respect. Be the women you really are as opposed to the women you think “he” wants. Have some character and a great reputation. You are worth so much more than how you’ve been acting. Think more of yourself than what you think men want. When you respect yourself you will attract the man you deserve. Right now, you only attract the men who like women who are like you, as you are right now. Do you really want a man who likes women that look like and talk like sluts? I’m just keeping it real.



This had been a week of many blessings.

First, is that someone dear to me is getting better. He has health options that sound very positive and we are very excited about it. Praise God.

My sister has come through her second hip surgery, successfully, in less than two years. She’s doing really well and will go home Friday, today, and will begin her “in home” exercises for a few weeks until she has fully recovered. Such a blessing.

I’ve gotten a lot of work in the house caught up. For that I am so grateful. Winter months drag me down and I get behind in things I needed to do. I know I’m not alone in that. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the strength and health to be able to do what I needed to do.

Another blessing is that I found out just yesterday, Thursday, that we will no longer be receiving any more monthly bills from where my hubby works. We were paying some small fees for services provided by the company he works for. Now, we will not have to pay anything. That helps. Praise God.

As always I am blessed with a wonderful friend. She’s there when I need her as I hope I am for her. I never take the friendship for granted. She has been a stable and constant guide in my Christian walk. For her I am always so blessed.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with this day of life. For keeping us alive and healthy. Those blessings are given out of indescribable love and grace. I’m not sure I deserve such blessings.

The blessings of our needs being met is always amazing to me. Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you, Lord for the blessings you’ve gifted to me. Thank you, Lord, for grace you’ve shown me….even when I didn’t deserve it. 

A Day Without God

Each day I wake-up thanking God for another day of life and I pray that He grant myself and those I love another day of life. I ask that He grant us a good day with good health. That He keep us alive and whole. I always say that I love waking-up with a hug and a smile from God.

Throughout each and every day I find myself talking to Him or praying. Thanking Him and/or confiding in Him. So many times I’ve thought about those who do not have God in their lives. My thoughts are also of those who are believers, but who never think of God until they need Him. I’ve heard them referred to as “rainy day Christians” because they use Him as an umbrella. When there’s a storm in their life they call on Him, but when things are sunny and good they forget about Him. Then, there are those who don’t believe in Him at all. Atheists.

I’m not condemning those who are atheists. It’s just that I don’t know how they can go through life without believing in the Lord. What do they believe in? Who do they turn to when things are bad or praise when things are good? I think about Madeline Murray O’Hare. She was an atheist and had gotten prayer removed from schools. In all of her hatefulness and all of the pride she took in being an atheist I have to wonder what was on her mind just before she was murdered. She and two family members went missing and were later found dead in the South Western United States. So many times I wondered how many times she may have called out to God to save her from being murdered. I wonder if she prayed and asked for forgiveness in those last moments of life. She was a mean and lonely woman up to the end. She was certainly alone!

Bill Mahar who has his own show on HBO is an admitted atheist as well. He is not the nicest person I’ve ever seen. He’s vulgar and mean. Nasty and hateful. Always so negative and always criticizing and judging those with differing political views. He is a liberal and hates Republicans and Conservatives and he absolutely hates the Tea Party, which is not a political party at all. It’s a group of Americans who want fewer taxes, less government and who stands on our Constitution. I guess he thinks that’s a bad thing. He is an extreme Socialist. I’ve never seen an atheist who is ever really happy. They never seem to display any joy. Sad.

Who do those part time believers and nonbelievers go to when they are in need? Where do they find their deepest happiness? What must it be like to not have anything to believe in or turn to? To believe that there is nothing more than what there is on earth. No heaven and no hell. No forgiveness. I’m guessing they feel that forgiveness is not necessary since they do not believe there is a God or a life after death. Part time believers simply go day to day on their own until they need Him. For the atheists it must be a rather lonely life. Shallow and cold.

I turn to God for everything and in everything I give Him thanks. To not have Him in my daily life would be a tragedy. An unspeakable loss. To not be able to speak to Him and to ask for His guidance would make me feel so alone and helpless. Small and vulnerable. To laugh at some of the things I do, knowing that He is laughing with me makes me feel good. Knowing I’m forgiven for sins I’ve committed makes me want to do better. Thinking of the ultimate sacrifice He had made for sinners such as myself makes me appreciate and love Him even more. I just cannot wrap my head around him suffering in a way no one should ever have to suffer for us. You and I. There is no greater love and sacrifice than that!! How tragically sad that atheists will never know such love.

Viewing the sunrise and sunsets and being in such awe of their beauty and magnificence. To see the hand of God in each one. He truly is the greatest artist. Everything in nature was created by the Artist in Chief. The colors He had chosen and all that is nature was done for our enjoyment. Can you imagine that? Even the animals, birds etc. in nature were for us. Either for enjoyment or food. He created all of those things with us in mind. Us!! As an artist, I can say that we will never be able to perfectly match the colors of paint to the colors God created in nature. Amazing.

To not have the Lord in my life is unimaginable. I would be so lonely and feel so small and insignificant. I would feel empty with little or no happiness. Without Him I would be miserable and scared. Who would I turn to? Who would I talk to? Who would guide my way and knock me down when I need it? I’d have nothing to look forward to if there were no heaven. I just don’t know what I would do and I just don’t know how others do it everyday and do it by choice.

To choose not to believe and to choose not to know Him is very foreign to me. By choosing not to believe is to choose never to know the ultimate love and sacrifice. To not have anyone who is bigger that you to confide in and turn to in times of tragedy or not believe there is somewhere better than what is here on earth is sad to me. An undefinable loss. Maybe one day they, too, will find God.

What kind of society would we have if we didn’t have the ten commandments to guide us? The bible is our blueprint on how to live our lives. Without that moral blueprint we would be a bunch of heathens creating chaos and sin. Reading the bible relaxes me and puts things in perspective. It keeps the ego in check and reminds me how much we are loved. Pretty impressive!

I choose to believe and to follow the One who loves us most of all. The One who is always there to listen no matter what time or day. The One who is most loyal and forgiving. the One I trust with my life….and beyond….even when I fall short of what is expected of me.


A Secret and Private Place

We share almost everything with others. We share what is going on in our life at that time, whether it’s about our children, our mate, work, and other day-to-day happenings. There are a select few who we actually share more private, personal things with such as relationship problems, feelings, dreams and insecurities. But, there are some things we choose not to share with anyone because they are just too personal…private.

For example, I lost my beloved son shortly before his 22nd birthday. A dear friend of mine lost her husband to cancer way to young. We share our loss with each other. There’s a private place I’ve created and it’s a deeply personal space that only I can enter. Some things we just need to keep for just “ourself.” A place where only we can go to grieve or to bring back memories…pleasant, loving memories. Maybe I didn’t create that private place. Maybe God did. It’s a place we don’t ever share with anyone…ever. Only God knows about it and knows when we are visiting that place.

We have so little privacy any more. When we do find a place that we don’t wish for others to be witness to, we honor it and appreciate it. We feel such gratitude. Even though that private, secret place holds many sad and very painful memories, it also holds many beautiful memories. Memories of laughter, fun, sharing, giving. Mom kisses and hugs. Handfuls of weeds that look like flowers that are given to me out of love by a little 5-year-old boy. Handmade Christmas decorations and handmade birthday or Mothers day gifts. Bought gifts. First day of kindergarten and graduation. Cub Scouts and Little League. The painful memories are obvious and no need to get into them.

We should always honor the tears we carry with us and within us. Cherish and hold tight all those things we keep in our secret and private place. Maybe that place is shared with our spirit/soul. Maybe the spirit has made a place for us to keep all that is meant for only us to share and to keep just for “self.” Nothing is sacred any more and maybe that, too, is why we want our secret place.

Pregnancy is no longer sacred since abortion was legalized. Marriage is no longer sacred since divorce is so accepted now. Relationships of all kinds are no longer sacred as friends come and go, significant others come and go and familial relationships come and go like the wind. Everything is disposable now. Babies, marriages, friends, relationships of all kinds even men. Yes men? Women no longer need men to get pregnant. We have sperm banks. Women work and no longer “need” a man to support her. It just goes on and no. Nothing much is sacred any more.

Our secret and private place is sacred and gives us comfort. We feel safe and loved in that space. Most things I will share with others, but my private place really is just for me. It’s all mine and I so treasure the moments I can spend there. Time I can spend there, fully and completely vulnerable. A secret place where I can cry as long as I need to and embrace every memory and feeling that shows up for me. My secret place does not judge me nor criticize me. It doesn’t tell me it’s time to stop grieving. A place where I can just be “me” without the judgments. I can laugh and I can even dance inside that secret, private place. I can cry and sob and just be sad and not judge my own self for feeling the pain.

Do you have a secret, private place where you can go? It can be a place of all happy things or things you just don’t wish to share with anyone else. It’s a secret place just for you. After all, there are some things we choose to keep for ourselves. Honor it. Cherish it. Respect it. And keep it for yourself. Hug that child within yourself, too. We all need that. Let your secret place tell you that everything is ok and that you are ok. You are who you are and that’s good enough.

Enjoy your own secret and private place.

Appreciating The Little Things

There was a time when I took for granted all that I had. Certainly, when I was a young woman I didn’t think about all those things. It’s only been since I’ve gotten older that I realize just how blessed I am. All we need do is to look around our towns and cities to see that there are those who are so less fortunate than we are. It’s not that I live in a large home or drive an expensive vehicle….I don’t.  It’s because what I have is more than what others have.  Just watch some of the specials on TV that show how people in India, South America, Africa, and other places in the world who have so little and are also starving.

My home is a mansion in comparison to what so many have. I’ve lived in a much smaller home and I, too, had been hungry from time to time. I remember the hard times and that is what keeps me appreciative of what I have now. I thank God daily for everything I have and all He has done for me. I give thanks for the food and the refrigerator I keep it in to the cupboards and pantry that has food in them. I thank Him for my washer and dryer, stove and microwave. I give thanks for my dishwasher and dishes I put it in. For all things, big and small, I give thanks.

So often I think about those even in our own country that have so little. There are those who have no jobs or have been reduced to part time work due to what is going on in our country right now. So sad. My heart goes out to them and I cry for them and pray for them that He will supply their needs.  I’m so thankful that my husband has a full time job. So very grateful. There were times when he couldn’t find work (when he was in construction) so I know what it’s like to not have money coming in and wondering how we would eat or pay for utilities and car insurance. It was frightening and an immense struggle. What a horrible time, but through all of that I never forgot the blessings and never stopped praying for better times. Unless you are down I don’t think you really understand just how hard it is and how it can steal your joy and your faith. It will rob from you all that is good and threaten to take the one thing you have left….hope.

So I make being thankful of all my blessings a daily habit. I am so appreciative of what the Lord has done for me. I’m thankful that He has blessed me with the gifts of compassion, forgiveness, hope, faith, love, a giving nature and the ability to be kind.

Being appreciative of what we have and giving thanks for them is a pretty nice way to start each day. I look forward to waking-up with a hug and a smile from God and the promise that He will always be there for me….through good days and bad.