Appreciating The Little Things

There was a time when I took for granted all that I had. Certainly, when I was a young woman I didn’t think about all those things. It’s only been since I’ve gotten older that I realize just how blessed I am. All we need do is to look around our towns and cities to see that there are those who are so less fortunate than we are. It’s not that I live in a large home or drive an expensive vehicle….I don’t.  It’s because what I have is more than what others have.  Just watch some of the specials on TV that show how people in India, South America, Africa, and other places in the world who have so little and are also starving.

My home is a mansion in comparison to what so many have. I’ve lived in a much smaller home and I, too, had been hungry from time to time. I remember the hard times and that is what keeps me appreciative of what I have now. I thank God daily for everything I have and all He has done for me. I give thanks for the food and the refrigerator I keep it in to the cupboards and pantry that has food in them. I thank Him for my washer and dryer, stove and microwave. I give thanks for my dishwasher and dishes I put it in. For all things, big and small, I give thanks.

So often I think about those even in our own country that have so little. There are those who have no jobs or have been reduced to part time work due to what is going on in our country right now. So sad. My heart goes out to them and I cry for them and pray for them that He will supply their needs.  I’m so thankful that my husband has a full time job. So very grateful. There were times when he couldn’t find work (when he was in construction) so I know what it’s like to not have money coming in and wondering how we would eat or pay for utilities and car insurance. It was frightening and an immense struggle. What a horrible time, but through all of that I never forgot the blessings and never stopped praying for better times. Unless you are down I don’t think you really understand just how hard it is and how it can steal your joy and your faith. It will rob from you all that is good and threaten to take the one thing you have left….hope.

So I make being thankful of all my blessings a daily habit. I am so appreciative of what the Lord has done for me. I’m thankful that He has blessed me with the gifts of compassion, forgiveness, hope, faith, love, a giving nature and the ability to be kind.

Being appreciative of what we have and giving thanks for them is a pretty nice way to start each day. I look forward to waking-up with a hug and a smile from God and the promise that He will always be there for me….through good days and bad.


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