A Day Without God

Each day I wake-up thanking God for another day of life and I pray that He grant myself and those I love another day of life. I ask that He grant us a good day with good health. That He keep us alive and whole. I always say that I love waking-up with a hug and a smile from God.

Throughout each and every day I find myself talking to Him or praying. Thanking Him and/or confiding in Him. So many times I’ve thought about those who do not have God in their lives. My thoughts are also of those who are believers, but who never think of God until they need Him. I’ve heard them referred to as “rainy day Christians” because they use Him as an umbrella. When there’s a storm in their life they call on Him, but when things are sunny and good they forget about Him. Then, there are those who don’t believe in Him at all. Atheists.

I’m not condemning those who are atheists. It’s just that I don’t know how they can go through life without believing in the Lord. What do they believe in? Who do they turn to when things are bad or praise when things are good? I think about Madeline Murray O’Hare. She was an atheist and had gotten prayer removed from schools. In all of her hatefulness and all of the pride she took in being an atheist I have to wonder what was on her mind just before she was murdered. She and two family members went missing and were later found dead in the South Western United States. So many times I wondered how many times she may have called out to God to save her from being murdered. I wonder if she prayed and asked for forgiveness in those last moments of life. She was a mean and lonely woman up to the end. She was certainly alone!

Bill Mahar who has his own show on HBO is an admitted atheist as well. He is not the nicest person I’ve ever seen. He’s vulgar and mean. Nasty and hateful. Always so negative and always criticizing and judging those with differing political views. He is a liberal and hates Republicans and Conservatives and he absolutely hates the Tea Party, which is not a political party at all. It’s a group of Americans who want fewer taxes, less government and who stands on our Constitution. I guess he thinks that’s a bad thing. He is an extreme Socialist. I’ve never seen an atheist who is ever really happy. They never seem to display any joy. Sad.

Who do those part time believers and nonbelievers go to when they are in need? Where do they find their deepest happiness? What must it be like to not have anything to believe in or turn to? To believe that there is nothing more than what there is on earth. No heaven and no hell. No forgiveness. I’m guessing they feel that forgiveness is not necessary since they do not believe there is a God or a life after death. Part time believers simply go day to day on their own until they need Him. For the atheists it must be a rather lonely life. Shallow and cold.

I turn to God for everything and in everything I give Him thanks. To not have Him in my daily life would be a tragedy. An unspeakable loss. To not be able to speak to Him and to ask for His guidance would make me feel so alone and helpless. Small and vulnerable. To laugh at some of the things I do, knowing that He is laughing with me makes me feel good. Knowing I’m forgiven for sins I’ve committed makes me want to do better. Thinking of the ultimate sacrifice He had made for sinners such as myself makes me appreciate and love Him even more. I just cannot wrap my head around him suffering in a way no one should ever have to suffer for us. You and I. There is no greater love and sacrifice than that!! How tragically sad that atheists will never know such love.

Viewing the sunrise and sunsets and being in such awe of their beauty and magnificence. To see the hand of God in each one. He truly is the greatest artist. Everything in nature was created by the Artist in Chief. The colors He had chosen and all that is nature was done for our enjoyment. Can you imagine that? Even the animals, birds etc. in nature were for us. Either for enjoyment or food. He created all of those things with us in mind. Us!! As an artist, I can say that we will never be able to perfectly match the colors of paint to the colors God created in nature. Amazing.

To not have the Lord in my life is unimaginable. I would be so lonely and feel so small and insignificant. I would feel empty with little or no happiness. Without Him I would be miserable and scared. Who would I turn to? Who would I talk to? Who would guide my way and knock me down when I need it? I’d have nothing to look forward to if there were no heaven. I just don’t know what I would do and I just don’t know how others do it everyday and do it by choice.

To choose not to believe and to choose not to know Him is very foreign to me. By choosing not to believe is to choose never to know the ultimate love and sacrifice. To not have anyone who is bigger that you to confide in and turn to in times of tragedy or not believe there is somewhere better than what is here on earth is sad to me. An undefinable loss. Maybe one day they, too, will find God.

What kind of society would we have if we didn’t have the ten commandments to guide us? The bible is our blueprint on how to live our lives. Without that moral blueprint we would be a bunch of heathens creating chaos and sin. Reading the bible relaxes me and puts things in perspective. It keeps the ego in check and reminds me how much we are loved. Pretty impressive!

I choose to believe and to follow the One who loves us most of all. The One who is always there to listen no matter what time or day. The One who is most loyal and forgiving. the One I trust with my life….and beyond….even when I fall short of what is expected of me.



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