Hip Hop and Other Reality Shows

You can’t turn on your TV without seeing more and more reality shows on your TV guide. It seems as though just about anyone can have a reality show. It’s gotten pretty crazy. What I’m blogging about today is about the women in some of those reality shows. The women in music videos are really vulgar as well, but I will focus on the women in reality shows. What are those women teaching our sons and daughters? The men are not examples of what is good either, but that is for another post.

Reality shows like the “Housewives of Beverly Hills”, “Housewives of Atlanta” and so on, have no value that I can see. I realize that the shows are for entertainment purposes, but a lot of young people are watching those shows as well. Then, there are other reality shows like “Love and Hip Hop” and others that are aimed at young people. There are no redeeming qualities or decency in any of those shows.

Almost every show that I mentioned, and more, have a cast of women who are complaining about their significant other. “They’re cheating”, or have cheated,”They don’t respect me,” “They never listen to me.”  “He doesn’t even notice me. I’d love to be with him.” They go on and on about how unhappy they are with the man they are with. I’ve noticed a common thread running through all of them. It’s a lack of respect for self and others. The filthy language on these shows is a constant.

You must earn respect. Like trust, respect is earned. These women come across as very insecure and extremely needy. They appear to have a very low self-esteem. You can tell a lot by how a person dresses, speaks and carries themselves. Men, real men, want to be with, and one day marry, a woman they can be proud of. A woman they would be proud to introduce to his mother and family. Someone they know their mother would approve of. As old fashioned as that may sound it is still true today. They want a woman who has self-respect and who has a kind heart and is not selfish….confident and secure. Someone who can make it on her own.

It was necessary for me to watch these shows in order to write about them. Let me just say that it was painful. My heart went out to those women. The worst of the reality shows was “Love and Hip Hop”, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, “Basketball Wives”, and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” I’ve never seen so many women who were so lacking in respect for everyone, including themselves. Grown women who were acting and talking like teenagers. No class and no character.

Those women had zero social skills. They didn’t care if they were in public or not when they would fight (sometimes physically), scream, and shout vulgarities. They conducted themselves as low class, uneducated women who were desperate for a man, to keep a man, or were in need of attention. It was truly pathetic.

I cannot believe those women couldn’t come to the reality that the way they dressed, spoke (yelled) and conducted themselves was the reason for most of her problems with the men in their lives. They think that the way to get a man and keep him is to have their breasts popping out of their dresses, wear short dresses or wear clothes so tight you can almost see the pores in their skin!! They obviously do not respect themselves and that’s why the men don’t respect them.

I’m speaking to those women now. Do you really think that a man respects you for dressing in such a way? Do you really? Do you really think he respects you when you talk like you’re some low class nasty broad on a street corner somewhere? Do you think he likes that you run around town looking like a street walker? The answer to all of those question is a big fat NO.

Oh, sure you can get a man while looking and acting like you do, but he won’t stick around or be faithful to you. You may turn him on, but lust is not love. Lust is temporary. Turning a man on is pretty easy, we all know that. But, keeping him is another. If men were honest they would tell you they want a woman they can respect. A woman who doesn’t flaunt what she has under her clothes for the entire world to see. She could hold on a conversation without using the  “F bomb” every other word. In short, they want a woman they can be proud of. Showing your body will only work for the short term. They want a woman who is confident and has self-respect. Someone who also respects others. They don’t want a woman who will take off her shoes and throw them at someone or have a physical fight with another woman. Someone who can get her point across while angry and never say one vulgar word through it all. They want someone who can carry herself well and with class. They want her to appear and speak as though she were educated. Proper English is important if you want to be taken seriously. That goes for men as well.

Once these women realize that wearing skin tight clothes and showing way too much cleavage is not going to keep a man she will start respecting herself more. Why would you always want to dress like a slut if you know he will treat you like one? None of those relationships on those shows are working because of a lack of respect and selfishness. It’s all about self-gratification for the men and getting what you want for the women. Me, me, me. Relationships such as those are short lived and pretty empty and unfulfilling.

It’s sad that these women don’t yet realize that their man wants to see what’s underneath the bulging cleavage and tight clothes. They want to see their heart and soul. They want to see a woman who can bring to them a softness and sensitivity. They want those attributes to replace the hard, vulgar, petty, whining, complaining, screaming, accusing and needy person they are today. Always trying to be tough and coming across as always right is getting you nowhere. How’s all of those things working for you? They’re not.

I would never allow my children to watch such TV shows. There are no role models, believe me. They are rude and obnoxious. I have no clue as to why anyone would put them shows on air much less find it entertaining. What ever happened to femininity? It’s gone. Women are acting and talking like low class men with no self-respect.

Maybe one day those women will come to realize that presenting themselves as they do will get them nowhere. They will just continue to be disrespected, disappointed  and unhappy. They’ll be wondering why they can’t keep a man. You will be treated with respect when you have earned the respect. Pump your brakes, ladies. Try dressing, acting and speaking with some class and intelligence and you will be treated with respect. Be the women you really are as opposed to the women you think “he” wants. Have some character and a great reputation. You are worth so much more than how you’ve been acting. Think more of yourself than what you think men want. When you respect yourself you will attract the man you deserve. Right now, you only attract the men who like women who are like you, as you are right now. Do you really want a man who likes women that look like and talk like sluts? I’m just keeping it real.



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