Keep Fighting The Fight For Christianity!

As Christians we all know that there is an assault on Christianity like we’ve never seen in this country before. Between a handful of atheists and Liberal Democrats, we as Christians are having to defend our freedom of religion on a constant basis. Muslims seem to pretty much have free reign. They are forcing their religion on this country.

Muslims are allowed to wear a burqa in public, place prayer rugs in public so they can say their prayers many times a day, carry a Quran in public and even have a foot bath at the Kansas City International  Airport in KC, MO. They’re allowed to wear the scarves on their head and some have even committed “honor killings” in this country.  Just look at Dearborn, Michigan. It has the largest number of Muslims in one area than any other State in this country. The streets are filled with Muslim women wearing their burqas. They have all but taken over Dearborn. I have to wonder why so many Muslims chose Dearborn, MI to live. Dearborn is right outside of Detroit. I wonder what’s up with that.

Christians cannot display any religious symbols in public and are discouraged from saying “Merry Christmas” to customers, on TV, or to co-workers. Teachers cannot, in most schools, wear a cross necklace. It’s ok to wear a Che Guevara T-shirt, but you better never wear one with a picture of Jesus or a cross.  Other places of employment have the same types of regulation regarding wearing or displaying any Christian symbols. No school prayer, no pledge of allegiance either. We are pretty much not allowed to mention God or Christ. Christmas carols in school and in public are forbidden. Schools no longer have Christmas pageants. They can sing secular songs like “Rudolph” of “Frosty the Snowman”, but never “Silent Night’ or “Little Drummer Boy.” Christmas trees are not being displayed in many schools or in public. Ramadan can be celebrated though. After all it’s a Muslim holiday. How twisted is that?

Reading the bible or having bible study groups on campuses or in the work place are forbidden yet they can have Muslim and Islamic study. They can all kinds of sexual study groups.  There are actually public schools that are forcing our children to read the Quran. They do it under the guise of teaching religious tolerance or teaching the children different religions. That’s a pretty weak argument. We know why it’s happening. The Liberals want Christianity gone. Why? Because most Christians are conservative and want their children taught conservative values. This country was founded on Judaic and Christian principles and NOT Islam. They don’t want to follow the bible and the teachings of Christ because that would mean they would have to change their lifestyles and secular beliefs. Would that be so bad? There is an American Indian saying that says: “What we don’t understand we fear. What we fear we try to destroy.” That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

Have you ever read any of the Quran? As much as the Muslims and liberals and liberal democrats want us to believe that it is filled with kindness and tolerance they lie!! It is instead filled with hatred and violence. They want to cut our heads off and then kill our children. If you are not a Muslim you will be murdered. There really isn’t such a thing as a “moderate” Muslim. They all read the same Quran and they all practice what it preaches. That’s why you don’t see them standing up for the kidnapped girls in Africa or “honor killings” etc. Have you ever seen a group of so-called moderate Muslims speak out against atrocities perpetrated by Muslim terrorists or other Muslims who are not terrorists? NO! They all remain silent and I don’t believe for a moment that it’s because they fear what will happen to them if they speak out. That’s ridiculous.

President Obama says nothing about the violence and murders that the Muslims have committed against Americans and this country. He remains silent. Maybe if he is pressured enough he will, one day. Yet he and Michelle fought over having to have a Christmas tree in the White House during his first term in office. Why would a Christian do that? There was a photo taken of the tree after it was set-up and decorated. There was, near the back of the tree (of course), a huge round ornament with a photo of Mau Tse Tung. I was floored!! What a huge slap in the face to not just Christians, but to all Americans. How arrogant and disrespectful. The photo is out there if you want to see it. He seldom participates in anything that is for Christians. He seems to have a real distain for Christians and Jews. The disrespect and arrogance he has shown towards Israel is not only embarrassing but rude and very transparent. He has a soft spot for Muslims and has a real intolerance of Christians and Jews….any religion other than Islam. He has given millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorist group and who encourages and fights for Sharia Law all over the world), has them at the White House more than once (pretty scary), gives money to other Muslim countries who help train terrorists. But, he doesn’t share the same amenities to Christians or Jews. He grew-up practicing and studying Islam while he was young. His mother and his father and step-father were atheists. His father and step-father were Muslim and only became atheists after they married his mother who was an admitted atheist. Reverend Wright was a Muslim before preaching in Chicago. He is another blog entry all together.

The atheists and the liberals/progressives are fighting to have any kind of Christian prayer or anything pertaining to God and Christians removed from being said within the military as well. Who do they think they are? They want  the Ten Commandments removed from public view and yet the Muslims can lay their prayer rugs down in the middle of town and no one says a word. Hmmmm. They hate the Tea Party, Conservatives/Republicans because they are majority Christian, God loving people who want the best for this country and our families. Shame on us! But it’s fine to cut the heads off of those who are not practicing Islam or stone their women to death because the “think” she is cheating. Or beat a woman to death because she was raped and did not have four male witnesses to the act itself. That’s a tolerant and kind religion? Mercy killings are done frequently in the Muslim community and still people remain silent. By being silent we just give them permission to continue doing such horrible things. We should look the other way or be understanding of their religion…right? Women are treated like chattel and have no rights. Muslim men are cowards and misogynists. Women are nothing. There is no war on women in this country. If you want to fight a war on women go to the Muslim countries and fight the war there. Pick your battles.

Keep fighting for our religious freedoms, brothers and sisters in Christ. The fight isn’t over yet. Fight those schools who are forcing our children to read the Quran and participate in Muslim holidays or traditions. If we don’t the Muslims will take over here as they are doing in Europe. Just look at Great Britain and France. Is that what we really want?

God bless and keep your eyes on Him.


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