My Perfect Right

For far too long Christians and others have had to fight over their right to disagree on politically correct issues. Moral rights being one of those big issues. Those on the liberal/progressive side have bullied us for far too long. We, as Christians, and those who agree with us, have had enough! We have been made to feel as though we have to bow down to those whom we disagree. We bow down to only One and that is God. What makes us wrong because we disagree with them? What makes them so right on issues that we disagree with?

Let me say this loud and clear, YET AGAIN, that on the issues of homosexuality, same sex marriage, abortion, sexual perversions (and we all know what they are) and other moral issues, it’s God’s word that tells all of us that those things are wrong and are sinful. God’s not a liar. His word never changes…we do. His word is the same back then, now and always. He never said that those things were sinful until the 20th century or until groups of people said that it was fine and just another lifestyle. Don’t kill the messenger. Take it up with God.

It really upsets me to see so many homosexuals who profess to be Christian scream about homosexual rights and how those who disagree with their point of view are homophobic. Let’s straighten that one out, now. A phobia is an extreme and irrational fear of something. Those who are trying to live by God’s word are constantly bashed for trying to obey God’s word. We do not have a phobia about becoming a homosexual or of homosexuals. Stop using a term that makes no sense just to justify your agenda and lifestyle. You hate those who call you names, but yet you can call those of us who go by God’s word nasty names or brand us with illogical and nonsensical names. Are gays “heterophobic”? Go to God about it and leave us who follow Him alone. Like so many they can dish it out but cannot take it. We are not the bad guys.

Those who fight for and who’s lifestyle is that of sin, according to scripture, want us to stop following God and obeying His word and start saying that what they believe in is the right way of thinking and that God is wrong. They would like us to put down our bibles and pick-up demonstration signs promoting their lifestyle. Why would we do that? Would you put down your demonstration signs and pick up your bible? They think that if we disagree we are the bad guys. And, of course, the media backs them up. I value the opinions of those who disagree even though they bully and persecute those of us who disagree with them. I have a perfect right to express my opinions and I refuse to apologize for them. I’m not ashamed of who I am, what I believe or for being a Christian. That is as much my right as it is yours. I have as much right to my religion, my thoughts, my opinions and my beliefs as you do yours. I also have the right to disagree with you as you do with me and I will fight for your right to express them. It’s a shame you don’t feel that we have the same rights simply because of our differences of opinions.

As Christians or others who disagree with you and want to express ourselves we are shouted down, shamed, called ridiculous names, and ridiculed. Some are even having things thrown at them. You proclaim to be tolerant of those of differing opinions and yet you are not. What you say is not how you really feel. We’re not going away nor are you so why not be civil and tolerant of those who do not believe in the same things? What are you so afraid of? Why are you so intimidated by us? If we are so insignificant to you then why do you worry so much about what we have to say and in what venue we express ourselves? Is it because if you were to actually live by the Word of God or believed in His word that you would have to change your lifestyle or change your beliefs and opinions on other issues, like abortion?

It is our perfect right to follow God and follow the scriptures. It is your perfect right to go against God’s word and not follow scripture. Stop trying to steal that right from us. You have no right to do that and it’s not your place. Your beliefs are no more valuable than ours.

As Christians we have to stand behind our shields of faith everyday and have the courage to fight against those who try to attack us. Satan will not be content until he can keep us quiet and force us into submission. Now days there are plenty of people doing his bidding and who are distancing themselves from God. They haven’t realized God’s powers or how one day they will cry out His name to save them. I hope they will get to know God soon because if they wait to long one day they will be in front of Him and He will say “Depart from Me, I do not know you.” And that would be truly sad. We were never promised one hour from now much less one more day. If we are wrong we are out nothing when we are gone, but if you are wrong and we are right…you lose for eternity and beyond.

We, as Christians, will never give up our perfect right.




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