The Decay Of Morals In This Country

It saddens me to see decency and respect becoming a thing of the past. Everything from fashion (if that is what it’s called) to our vocabulary have taken a dive south. We used to care about morals and manners in this country, but not so much any more.

There was a time when saying “God” on TV was not allowed by the FCC. Now, we can hear people using God’s name in vain every single day on TV and in movies. Christianity is being insulted and assaulted more and more every year. The documentaries and TV shows, movies as well, show Christians as morons, zealots, uneducated and insane. I hear children as young as 5 years old using God’s name in vane on TV. As far as what words are allowed on TV and what are not, pretty much anything goes. Vulgarities are common even on so-called “family shows.”

The “F” bomb has become acceptable to the point that even small children have adopted it as their choice of expression as well. Not that long ago we would have gotten a bar of soap in our mouth or a good spanking for saying such things. Not now days. Now, it is as common as saying the word “it”. Disgusting. People who use vulgarities come across as uneducated…rightfully so. They give the impression of having a very limited vocabulary.

Look at all the things that are now acceptable that were not a few years ago. Here is a short list:
Abortion, legalization of Pot, same sex marriage, filthy and disrespectful lyrics in music, and the list goes on. And the Left is whining about guns? How many of them who are complaining about guns and violence own guns themselves? I would say probably most of them. There are those who claim to want a ban on guns who have body guards who carry guns. Hypocrites?

Teenage girls wear cloths that make them look like street walkers, make-up that is totally overdone, and are sexually active at a young age and all of those things are now acceptable. No wonder teens practice such things when they see all of it everywhere, everyday. Sex, sex, sex. Movies and TV movies show teen sex and sexual behavior all the time. I’m pretty sure there has been an increase in older men seeing young teen girls in a sexual way.

Nothing is sacred any more. Pregnancy, marriage, sex, privacy, breast feeding and our bodies are no longer viewed as sacred. Everything is just thrown out there for all to see and hear. The mother’s womb used to be a safe and sacred place for an unborn baby. Not so any more. Now a baby can be ripped out of the womb or burned to death by saline solution for no other reason than the baby is an inconvenience. Murder on demand. And it is murder no matter how they try to divorce themselves from that truth. They can put perfume on a pig, but it’s still a pig and it still stinks.

Hollywood has glamorized and romanticized prostitution and strippers. Pretty Woman started that mindset. By the way, Pretty Woman is a Disney film. Nice, huh? Now, women actually take pole dancing lessons and homes have stripper poles. There are actually very young girls who want to grow-up and be a stripper or prostitute. What happened to us? Why do women still reduce themselves to such a level simply to satisfy some sick and twisted male sexual fantasy? More and more women are getting “boob jobs” because our culture has made them think that unless you have huge breasts you are not a woman and not acceptable by their standards. I’ve never been so sick of seeing cleavage. Even the news anchors on TV have cleavage.

I could go on and on giving examples of lack of morals in this country. I’m embarrassed by how so many Americans conduct themselves and by what they promote and practice. I’m not sure we can ever un-ring that bell but I am in hopes that we can start going back to where we respected ourselves and others. A time when manners were common and even expected and a time when having a good reputation and character meant something special. That would be wonderfully refreshing. Look down your noses at Conservatives, but at least we do have morals…and are proud of it!! And I think that is pretty awesome.


2 thoughts on “The Decay Of Morals In This Country

  1. When mankind turns its back on God, He then leaves man to his own desires…which are vile and disgusting. Our change in society is proof of that.

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