The Decay Of Morals In This Country

It saddens me to see decency and respect becoming a thing of the past. Everything from fashion (if that is what it’s called) to our vocabulary have taken a dive south. We used to care about morals and manners in this country, but not so much any more. There was a time when saying “God” […]


This had been a week of many blessings. First, is that someone dear to me is getting better. He has health options that sound very positive and we are very excited about it. Praise God. My sister has come through her second hip surgery, successfully, in less than two years. She’s doing really well and will […]

A Day Without God

Each day I wake-up thanking God for another day of life and I pray that He grant myself and those I love another day of life. I ask that He grant us a good day with good health. That He keep us alive and whole. I always say that I love waking-up with a hug […]

A Secret and Private Place

We share almost everything with others. We share what is going on in our life at that time, whether it’s about our children, our mate, work, and other day-to-day happenings. There are a select few who we actually share more private, personal things with such as relationship problems, feelings, dreams and insecurities. But, there are […]

Appreciating The Little Things

There was a time when I took for granted all that I had. Certainly, when I was a young woman I didn’t think about all those things. It’s only been since I’ve gotten older that I realize just how blessed I am. All we need do is to look around our towns and cities to […]